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श्री गणेशाय नमः 

मुदाकरात्त मोदकं सदा विमुक्तिसाधकम् l कलाधरावतंसकं विलासि लोकरक्षकम् ll 
अनायकैक नायकं विनाशितेभदैत्यकम् l नताशुभाशुनाशकं नमामि तं विनायकम् ll 
I salute the Remover of obstacles with modakas in his hands in reality, 
Who bestows salvation and wears a crescent moon on his head actually, 
Who protects this varied world and leads those who can’t be lead truly, 
Who causes asuras destruction and destroys all things not good surely. 

 नतेतरातिभीकरं नवोदितार्कभास्वरम् l नमत्सुरारि निर्जरं नताधिकापदुद्धरम् ll 
सुरेश्वरं निधीश्वरं गजेश्वरं गणेश्वरं l महेश्वरं तमाश्रये परात्परं निरन्तरम् ll 
I bow before Lord permanently who creates fear in his devotees enemies, 
Who sparkles as the dawn Sun and saluted by Gods and Asuras respectedly, 
Who is God of all devas and wealth and destroys obstacles of his devotees, 
Who is the deity of all the elephants and is the leader of Lord Shiv’s army. 

 समस्त लोकसंकरं निरस्तदैत्यकुंजरम् l दरेतरोदरं वरं वरेभवक्त्रमक्षरम् ll 
कृपाकरं क्षमाकरं मुदाकरं यशस्करम् l मनस्करं नमस्कृतां नमस्करोमि भास्वरम् ll 
I bow to Ganapati who shines like the Sun and bestows peace worldly, 
Who removed Gajamukhasur and has a very big paunch lovingly, 
Who has an elephant-face which blesses and shows sympathy, 
Who tolerates and showers fame to those who are his devotees. 

 अकिंचनार्तिमार्जनं चिरन्तनोक्ति भाजनम् l पुरारिपूर्व नन्दनं सुरारि गर्वचर्वणम् ll 
प्रपंच नाशभीषणं धनंजयादि भूषणम् l कपोलदानवारणं भजे पुराणवारणम् ll 
I salute the ancient elephant-god who destroys wants of have nots fully, 
Is worshipped since ancient times and is the eldest son of Shiv and Parvati, 
Who is awesome at the final deluge and eats away pride of gods’ enemies, 
Who ornaments snakes as Dananjay and is fierce as rut elephant majestically. 

 नितान्तकान्तदन्तकान्ति मन्तकान्तकात्मजम् l अचिन्त्य रुपमन्तहीन मन्तरायकृन्तनम् ll 
ह्रदन्तरे निरन्तरं वसन्तमेव योगिनाम् l तमेकदन्तमेव तं विचिन्तयामि सन्ततम् ll 
I meditate on Him with single tusk whose ever lustrous tusk is very pretty, 
Whose form is beyond mind's eye, is son of Lord who killed god of death truly, 
Who is eternal and endless and who removes all obstacles indisputably, 
Who dwells forever in heart of yogis like the blissful spring affectionately. 

महागणेश पंचरत्नम् आदरेण योन्वहम् l प्रजल्पति प्रभातके ह्रदि स्मरन् गणेश्वरम् ll 
He who remembers every morning these five gems of Lord Ganapati, 
Who meditates the Leader of ganas will be blessed with a life healthy, 
Liberated of all problems and endowed with peace, sons and longevity, 
With spiritual and physical wealth - walking the path of humanity.