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© Munindra Misra, all rights reserved

Lord Vishnu - the kingly rajsik - the second God of the Hindu trinity, 
Is the Universal Preserver representing the goodness and mercy, 
Ever incarnating to remove imbalance between good and evil clearly, 
He the cosmic nara (water) known as Narayana unquestionabily. 

He is Pitambara with four arms holding a mace implying power truly, 
A conch shell indicating spread of the divine sound "Om" universally, 
A discus (Chakra) demonstrating the wheel of time ever unendingly, 
And lotus - `Kamal’, example of beautiful existence in all difficulty. 

Ganga originates from his feet, he rests on a coiled serpent peacefully, 
Representing the sleeping universe on the cosmic ocean unendingly, 
He rides on Garuda ever spreading the Vedic knowledge universally, 
He is also known as Hari - the remover and his consort is Lakshmi.