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Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God, an avatar of Lord Shiv be,
Known as Anjaneya, Pavanputra, Anjaniputra and Bajrang Bali,
He is a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and sincereity,
Love, dedication and devotion also known as Hanumat and Maruti.

Sri Hanuman assisted to locate Sita – Sri Ram's wife unfailingly,
Abducted by Ravan, the demon king of Lanka, unrepentantly,
He helps Sri Ram in his expedition against evil forces devotedly,
He is known for his ability to inspire and conquer obstacles fully.

Son of Anjani and Kesari, beloved of Wind God `Pavan’ truly,
His love and devotion for Sri Ram is unparrelled exceptionally,
With blind love and devotion and total sincerity with simplicity,
Saffron coloured as he bathed like Sita in Ram’s love childishly.