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© Munindra Misra, all rights reserved

जै जै श्री जगत पति जगदाधार अनन्त ।
विश्वेश्वर अखिलेश अज सर्वेश्वर भगवन्त ।।
All glories to you father of the universe in infinity, 
The Lord, sovereign and worlds’ preserver perpetually,
You are lord of all, perfect, infinite, unborn in reality,
The eminent – the very God of the universe – really.

जै जै धरणीधर श्रुति सागर । जयति गदाधर सद्गुण आगर ।।
श्री वसुदेव देवकी नंदन । वासुदेव नाशन भव फन्दन ।।
Supporter of earth and ocean of knowledge – to you glory, 
Club wielder and noble virtues treasure house – to you glory, 
Krishna, you are the delight of Vasudeva and Devaki surely,
You the destroyer of the noose of birth and death definitely.

नमो नमो सचराचर स्वामी । परंब्रह्म प्रभु नमो नमो नमामि ।।
नमो नमो त्रिभुवन पति ईश । कमलापति केशव योगीश ।।
Lord and Master of all creatures I revere you repeatedly,  
Lord – attribute less and impersonal obeisance to you truly,
As the eternal Master of the three spheres to you I deify, 
As Kamala’s consort, Keshav - supreme among yogis glorify.

गरुड़ध्वज अज भव भय हारी । मुरलीधर हरि मदन मुरारी ।।
नारायण श्रीपति पुरुषोत्तम । पद्मनाभि नरहरि सर्वोत्तम ।।
Garura figures on your commanding banner magnificently, 
Flute-player Krishna, unborn, dispeller of all dread worldly,
Love’s destroyer, Mura’s enemy, Narayan - consort of Lakshmi, 
Vishnu – finest  human form of half-lion and man exquisitely.

जै माधव मुकुन्द वनमाली । खल दल मर्दन दमन कुचाली ।।
जै अगणित इन्द्रिय सारंगधर । विश्व रुप वामन आन्नद कर ।।
Mahadeva, Mukunda and Vanamali to you all the universal glory, 
You destroy the wicked and subdue the ill bred indisputably. 
Innumerable senses’ owner and bow bearer Shaaranga glory,
The many faced Vamana and the happiness giver definitely.

जै जै लोकाध्यक्ष धनंजय । सहस्त्रज्ञ जगन्नाथ जयति जै ।।
जै मधुसूदन अनुपम आनन । जयति वायु वाहन वज्र कानन ।।
Dhananjaya (Vishnu), sovereign universal ruler – to you all glory, 
The Lord of the worlds who has myriad of names – to you glory,
Madhusudhana whose features are matchless – to you glory, 
Who rides the wind – like a thunderbolt to the forest trees be.

जै गोविन्द जनार्दन देवा । शुभ फल लहत गहत तव सेवा ।।
श्याम सरोरुह सम तन सोहत । दर्शन करत सुर नर मुनि मोहत ।।
To the supreme Lord Krishna (Vishnu) to you all the glory, 
Whoever serves you is rewarded with auspicious fruits surely, 
Your charms that are so touching matches the dark lotus beauty, 
All deities, men, ascetics and adepts pay homage to you lovingly.

भाल विशाल मुकुट सिर साजत । उर वैजन्ती माल विराजत ।।
तिरछी भृकुटि चाप जनु धारे । तिन तर नैन कमल अरुनारे ।।
With a broad forehead your head is crowned resplendently, 
Till your bosom flows the mythological garland Vaijayanti,
Your arched eyebrows look like a drawn bow with beauty,
Your eyes underneath them are ruddy like red lotuses truly.

नासा चिबुक कपोल मनोहर । मृदु मुस्कान कुञ्ज अधरन पर ।।
जनु मणि पंक्ति दशन मन भावन । बसन पीत तन परम सुहावन ।।
Your nose, chin and cheeks, O Lord, are exceedingly lovely,
As are the corners of your lips when you smile captivatingly, 
Your teeth look like a row of gems and are set ever alluringly, 
While your body dressed in yellow is charming supremely.

रुप चतुर्भज भूषित भूषण । वरद हस्त मोचन भव दूषण ।।
कंजारुन सम करतल सुन्दर । सुख समूह गुण मधुर समुन्दर ।।
Four-armed, beautiful, decked with ornaments unmatched you be,
Your hands positioned as if purging the universe of its impurities,
Your palms, lotus-red, virtues - deep, infinite, tender with beauty,
The ultimate ocean of the treasure house of bliss you are verily.

कर महँ लसित शंख अति प्यारा । सुभग शब्द जै देने हारा ।।
रवि सम चक्र द्वितीय कर धारे । खल दल दानव सैन्य संहारे ।।
There is a conch-shell in your hand all bright and beautiful, 
An auspicious instrument whose musical sound blows victory, 
In your second hand lies the disc shining as the sun brightly, 
Which destroyed all the hosts of wicked demons unerringly.

तृतीय हस्त महँ गदा प्रकाशन । सदा ताप त्रय पाप विनाशन ।।
पद्म चतुर्थ हाथ महँ धारे । चारि पदारथ देने हारे ।।
In your third hand lies an ever-shining club forebodingly, 
Which ever destroys all sufferings and evils forcefully, 
And within your fourth hand you clutch a lotus tenderly, 
Granting all life’s boons – wealth, merit, liberation and virility.

वाहन गरुड़ मनोगतिवाना । तिहुँ त्यागत जन हित भगवाना ।।
पहुँचि तहाँ पत राखत स्वामी । हो हरि सम भक्तन अनुरागी ।।
Your conveyance is Garura who is swift as mind unfailingly,
Whom you forsake for the well being of your votaries,
Reaching protecting the honour, for you are matchless truly, 
O Hari, in following and forever saving your devotees.

धनि धनि महिमा अगम अन्नता । धन्य भक्तवत्सल भगवन्ता ।।
जब जब सुरहिं असुर दुख दीन्हा । तब तब प्रकटि कष्ट हरि लीन्हा ।।
Blessed, all blessed is your never-ending and boundless glory, 
You transcend all comprehension by senses and are endless truly,
Blessed are You who as your own children love your devotees, 
When demons afflict, you appear and relieved distress surely.

सुर नर मुनि ब्रहमादि महेशू । सहि न सक्यो अति कठिन कलेशू ।।
तब तहँ धरि बहुरुप निरन्तर । मर्द्यो दल दानवहि भयंकर ।।
When gods like Brahma, Mahesh, Munis  and hermits company,
Find their affliction beyond endurance and fortitude basically,
You always come forward there in different forms unfailingly,
And destroy all the dreadful herd of demons unquestionably.

शय्या शेष सिन्धु बिच साजित । संग लक्ष्मी सदा विराजित ।।
पूरन शक्ति धन्य धन खानी । आन्नद भक्ति भरणी सुख दानी ।।
The serpent Shesha is your couch, in ocean midst, bedecked fully, 
You accompanied by ever-resplendent goddess of wealth Lakshmi, 
Who is power supreme and an inexhaustible mine of riches certainly, 
Who grants happiness, sustains devotion and causes bliss definitely.

जासु विरद निगमागम गावत । शारद शेष पार नहीं पावत ।।
रमा राधिका सिय सुख धामा । सोही विष्णु कृष्ण अरु रामा ।।
Though hymned by Vedas and Shastras is Your Majesty,
You can not be measured by even Shesha and Saraswati, 
You are the abode of all bliss to Sita, Radhika and Lakshmi, 
As Vishnu, Krishna and Rama all are the similar in reality.

अगणित रुप अनूप अपारा । निर्गुण सगण स्वरुप तुम्हारा ।।
नहिं कछु भेद वेद अस भासत । भक्तन से नहिं अन्तर राखत ।।
Your forms are countless, incomparable and infinite certainly, 
You are both personal and impersonal ever simultaneously,
To Vedas there is no distinction between them undoubtedly, 
Nor is there any difference between you and your votaries.

श्री प्रयाग दुवाँसा धामा । सुन्दरदास तिवारी ग्रामा ।।
जग हित लागि तुम्हिं जगदीशा । निज मति रच्यो विष्णु चालीसा ।।
Lord of the universe, Sundardaasa, an resident of the village Tiwari, 
Composed this hymn Vishnuchalisa as he could for your devotees,
Dedicated it to you dwelling with seer Durvasa at Allahabad clearly,
As Munindra does do so in respect and reverence most humbly.

जो चित्त दै नित पढ़त पढ़ावत । पूरन भक्त्ति शक्ति सरसावत ।।
अति सुख वसत रुज ऋण नाशत । वैभव विकासत सुमति प्रकाशत ।।
Who chants and induces others to chant this hymn attentively, 
Is filled with the delight of both might and devotion positively, 
Abides in utmost happiness, recovers from disease, debt truly, 
Becomes prosperous and wit grows sharper and sharper daily.

आवत सुख गावत श्रुति शारद । भाषन व्यास वचन ऋषि नारद ।।
मिलत सुभग फल शोक नसावत । अन्त समय जन हरि पद पावत ।।
The four Vedas, Saraswati, Vyasa and Narada all recite it faithfully,
Assert that the recital of Vishnu chalisa brings happiness lastingly,
And besides yielding all the delicious fruits of life unquestionably,
Destroys all unhappiness and helps attain the supreme state finally. 

प्रेम सहित गहि ध्यान महँ हृदय बीच जगदीश। अर्पित शालिग्राम कहँ करि तुलसी नित शीश।।
क्षणभंगुर तनु जानि करि अहंकार परिहार । सार रुप ईश्वर लखै तजि असार संसार ।।
सत्य शोध करि उर गहै एक ब्रह्म ओंकार । आत्मबोध होवै तबै मिलै मुक्त्ति के द्वार ।।
शान्ति और सद्भाव कहँ जब उर फूलहिं फूल । चालिसा फल लहहिं जहँ रहहिं ईश अनुकूल ।।
एक पाठ जन नित करै विष्णु देव चालीस । चार पदारथ नवहुँ निधि देय द्वारिकाधीश