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© Munindra Misra, all rights reserved

शान्ताकारं भुजगशयनं पद्मनाभं सुरेशं विश्वाधारं गगनसदृश्यं मेघवर्णं शुभाङ्गम्। 

लक्ष्मीकान्तं कमलनयनं योगिभिर्ध्यानगम्यं वन्दे विष्णु भवभयहरं सर्वलोकैकनाथम्।

I bow to Lord Vishnu the One Master of the Universe unquestionably, 
Who reclines on the great serpent bed and is peaceful perpetually, 
His navel springs the Lotus of the Creative Power - the Supreme Being be, 
He supports the entire universe and is all-pervading as the sky undeniably, 
He is dark as the clouds with a beautiful Lord of Lakshmi form glowingly, 
He the lotus-eyed One, whom the yogis perceive through meditation only, 
He is the destroyer of the fear of `Samsar’ and Lord of all `loks’ certainly.